Smart Choices

Ten classic green tips from Everyday (plus some): 1. Replace light bulbs with compact fluorescent ones 2. Maximize Heating and Cooling Efficiency…my roommate will tell you, I’m a bit of an AC… Continue reading


I came across this article just a few moments ago and found it so alarming, I had to share ASAP. Keep in mind, this is not just an issue facing northern states. Down… Continue reading

Got crappy t-shirts?

Have you recently started Spring Cleaning and noticed an abundance of random t-shirts you’ve somehow collected over-the-years but never seem to wear? Well, instead of throwing them away or donating them, I have… Continue reading

Hello world!

I’ve been cooking up this idea in my head for some time now and have finally found the time to sit down and bake it… This blog will be my dedication to inspiring… Continue reading