Reading a recent article from the New York Times inspired me to clarify where I stand in regards to “eco-consumerism”. Denis Hayes, the original coordinator of Earth Day, believes eco-consumerism to be, “ridiculous… Continue reading

Green Art

Links to artists creating and designing eco-friendly art: Tasty Frame Kitchen Garden Moss carpet Table lamp Clock Environmental artists…. Andy Goldsworthy is personally one of my favorites. If you like his work you… Continue reading

Eco Buildings

What a novel concept…dorms that are carbon neutral! In some places, like in North Carolina it’s a reality at Warren Wilson College. Their EcoDorm houses 36 undergraduate students and is one of two… Continue reading

Earth Day 2010

First, I wanted to apologize for the minimal blogging I’ve been doing lately. School has really been eating away a lot of my free time. Secondly, I wanted to wish you all a… Continue reading

Females Only

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American produces 1,600 pounds of garbage a year. That’s enough to cover the state of Texas two and a half times! Unfortunately, a lot of… Continue reading

“Our Thirsty World”

The most recent National Geographic is about Water and Our Thirsty World. This is not the first time I’ve heard that water will be the next geopolitical issue that faces our world, but… Continue reading


So if your like me, you want to try to be green in almost everything that you do…which includes being a pet owner. I’ve had Maggie Mae since she was 8-weeks old, she’s… Continue reading

Fair Trade vs. Free Trade

So today I started wondering what’s up with fair trade vs. free trade. When I go to pick up more coffee at the grocery store I always try to buy the stuff that’s… Continue reading

Rain Forest Protection

I’m lucky enough this summer to be interning with a local non-profit called Rainforest Partnership. They work on creating sustainability projects with South American communities in order to keep the Amazonian rain forest… Continue reading

True Life: I’m A Plastic Bag

The real story of plastic. (Thanks Brother!) A small continent located in the Pacific Ocean…made entirely of plastic trash: Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Just another reason to quit using petroleum-based plastic bags or… Continue reading