4 Times Square

The Condé Nast Building or the 4 Times Square in New York City is an environmentally responsible building. “All building systems and construction technology have been evaluated for their impact on occupant health, environmental sensitivity, and energy reduction, making Four Times Square the first project of its size to adopt state-of-the-art standards for energy conservation, indoor air quality, recycling systems, and the use of sustainable manufacturing processes. The building features environmentally efficient gas-fired absorption chillers and a state of the art curtain wall with excellent shading and insulating performance. The air delivery system will provide 50% more fresh air than industry codes, and a network of recycling chutes will serve the entire building. Stringent procedures have been followed during construction as well as in the day-to-day operation of the building in order to maintain these standards. A comprehensive set of tenant guidelines has been developed as well.”

This is an extremely impressive building and one that has inspired many architects to do similar work in the city!

If you’re interested in more green design, check out “e2 – the economics of being environmentally conscious.” It’s an ongoing PBS series about maintaining environmental integrity with technology, design, and more. It’s definitely worth a watch!