Green MicroBites

I love to camp and it’s important to me to remember that you can respect the environment and be green while camping, whether it’s car camping or backcountry camping. One of the ways to stay green while camping is purchasing items from a company that is committed to our planet. Guyot Designs is one of those companies.

Their MicroBites 5-in-1 Utility for Cooking & Eating is a prime example of how they have committed their company to respecting the world in which we love to discover through camping, hiking, climbing, paddling, etc. The 5-in-1 is an eating utensil that works as a spoon, fork, knife, spatula, and spreader. It’s extremely light weight and made of high-temperature, nylon polymer. Don’t be fooled, they can withstand up to 450 degrees Farenheiht.

What’s best about the set is it’s carbon negative! It carries more than 25 pounds of verified green house emissions reductions, which is part of their C-minus program. The program was created in partnership with the Environmental Resources Trust. Guyot Designs will purchase and retire carbon offsets through ERT’s greenhouse registry. Plus, 2% of sales from every Guyot Design product goes to the Rocky Mountain Institute which also supports sustainable business ideals.

This is a smart, green, durable buy!

Guyot Design’s mission is dedicated to the environment….

Our Philosophy
Guyot Designs is a holistic company incorporating ideas, lifestyle, culture and individuality. Our core belief is that it’s possible and profitable to invent fantastic outdoor products while fostering a corporate culture that focuses on the aspirations of our partners. Maintaining that balance creates an environment where great ideas are generated and people feel valued.
Guyot Designs is the business created by Joshua Guyot, CEO and inventor of the SplashGuard and Sloan Russell, President. They have combined Josh’s years of design experience with Sloan’s vision of evironmental responsibility and corporate ethics to create an new type of outdoor design company
One where ideas are treated with dignity and enthusiasm while people and the environment are treated with reverence.

Closing the Loop
We accept responsibility for keeping our products out of the waste stream. If you have a Guyot Designs product that you’re finished with, – don’t send it to the dump, send it to us. We’re working hard to find recycling markets for every component of all of our products. If you have a product you no longer want, but don’t want to throw away, contact us for collection information.

Environmental Statement
Our core belief is that economic power can and should be used to fund the best and cleanest technologies, the fairest and most sustainable labor practices and the design of products which enhance peoples’ experience and understanding of the natural world. We will reclaim any of our products at the end of their useful life and incorporate them into the manufacturing of new products.

We believe in using economic power as a force for change. We therefore exclusively use factories which abide by the strictest labor and environmental standards.”