“Our Common Waters”

After attending Texas River Protection Association’s annual board meeting this morning, I realized just how important it is to take action NOW with regards to local water issues. The state of Texas has a long, difficult road ahead of it if it doesn’t take the necessary steps now to preserve our water for the future. To help protect Texas rivers please click HERE to become a supporting member of TRPA. With a membership of $25 or more you gain access to some of the best rapids in the state of Texas called Hidalgo Falls. TRPA purchased the land a few years back and have transformed the property into a “paddler’s paradise” while also helping connect Texans to nature.

Local NGO’s in Texas aren’t the only groups that realize this is such an important issue. Patagonia has launched a new campaign called Our Common Waters; they are taking a hard look at the cost of running their business and how it effects the world’s water supply. Their goal is to “connect water use, the consumer society and threats to biodiversity.” Last year they partnered with New Belgium Brewery, “along with seven other companies and foundations in raising funding and awareness for the severely threatened Colorado River. This campaign will donate money to environmental nonprofits in the Colorado River basin, working to promote water conservation and protect the river.”

To learn more and to get involved in their current campaign, please click HERE.