A Traditional Approach

You may have seen them while browsing your local health food store or you may have passed them by while on your way to the bulk food dispensers in HEB. But next time, you may want to stop, pick up that little box of goodness, and buy you some!

Traditional Medicinals, “offers Herbal Dietary Supplements, Natural Health Products, OTC Medicines and Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products for the global market. ” What you’ve mostly likely seen is the later of their products, traditional medicinal teas. They have a wide variety of teas that serve a variety of different functions from women’s teas to calming teas to digestive or heartburn teas. For anything that ale’s you, there’s a tea! So what’s so great about traditional medicines?

Traditional Herbal Medicine (THM) is a practice of, “protecting and restoring health that existed before the relatively recent arrival of modern medicine.” THM is one piece of the puzzle that is comprehensive medicine which involves the “use of the plant, animal, and mineral based medicines, spiritual therapies, regulation of diet and exercise, and manual techniques (like acupuncture or massage) to maintain health but also to prevent and treat illnesses.” The use of THM in industrialized countries is spreading but is commonly reffered to as alternative medicine or “complimentary” medicines and sometimes as “herbal dietary supplements or natural health products.” Although it might seem like an alternative route or a “new age” thing, it really isn’t. THM is used by 80% of the world population! There are several systems of THM that are used around our world, some of those include:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Traditional Unani Medicine
  • Traditional Western Herbal Medicine
  • Traditional Tibetan Buddhist Medicine

For more information on these different systems of THM, click HERE.

Not only is THM great for your body it is also great for our environment. Using the “fruits of our Earth” instead of creating harmful chemicals that can find their way back into our environment and harm other living creatures is much more sustainable and ecologically conscience. Traditional Medicinals the company is also a great leader in sustainability. They use solar power, wind power, organic products, they are Fair Trade certified, FairWild certified, they use sustainable partners for sourcing, reduce their impact by using appropriate packaging, and they are constantly working on preservation efforts. Their completion of a large solar power system at their headquarters in Sonoma County makes Traditional Medicinals the largest solar powered tea factory on earth!

So next time your strolling through HEB, take a second to check this brand out and do something good for your body and our environment.

Keep thinking green thoughts!