A Green Thanksgiving

“A typical American Thanksgiving dinner for six people requires over 30,000 gallons of water.” Below are some ways to save some water this Turkey Day:

1. Don’t water your lawn – especially if it’s overcast and cool
2. If you must use disposable plates and utensils, make sure they are made from recycled material
3. If you use the dishwasher, make sure you scrap those plates clean to make the process run more efficiently
4. Don’t use running water to thaw food, place in the refrigerator
5. Designate one drinking glass or a reusable water bottle – it will cut down on washing
6. If you don’t use your dishwasher, make sure you don’t leave that water running while you wash! Or, install a .5 low flow aerator.

Startling fact: “Approximately 30 million of us will watch football after the meal. The next spike occurs at halftime of the football game. Just like clockwork, American toilets will flush 30 million times and use 108 million gallons of water – enough water to fill an entire football stadium! Water efficient toilets would save 62 million gallons of that water. With the meal, time zones in the US go from east to west and stagger the energy and water use. The football game happens in real-time and much of the country hits the bathroom at the same time.”

Have a great Turkey Day and remember to think green thoughts!