Why a $10K challenge?

At the last WaterAid Chapter meeting we had two guest speakers from Water Now, Audra Miller and Brio, two wonderful women making a difference in the lives of those who need it most. Together with the help of partners in Africa, the two ladies have been building water wells in Kenya for the past four years. Their Austin-based non-profit, “is committed to bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations.” As a nonprofit organization, 100% of their “donations are used to finance sustainable water solutions for those suffering and dying from a lack of drinkable water.” They have planned successful fund-raising campaigns in the past, like their 2010 Shower Strike, where participants had to promise not to shower until they raised $1,000 each!

They have stepped it up this year and announced the $10K Challenge Safari + Service. Pairs of two are challenged to raised $10,000 before the end of May in order to travel to Kenya to enjoy the rich culture, sights, and sounds, and most importantly, be apart of building a water well for a community! Audra Miller said, “there is nothing more powerful than returning from the experience of bringing clean water into people’s lives and then sharing that experience with other people.” After hearing about this, I decided I had to be apart of this challenge! What a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! I realized if I want to continue on this path of trying to solve our global water crisis, I would have to experience it first hand. Reading about water issues and seeing it on documentaries is nothing compared to actually being there in the lives of those who live in that crisis every day. I would gain a better perspective on the issue and learn ways to solve one of the world’s most important issues if I was able to experience Kenya this summer. I would then bring that experience of hardship, need, and ultimately success back to the States to share with others. After talking it over with my boyfriend, Stephen Ramirez, we decided we would pair up together to make this opportunity come alive.

It is our goal to raise $10K by May with the help of family, friends, and others who support our goal, in order to experience Kenya first hand. We will bring that experience back home with us in order to:
1. strengthen the need for local water conservation and,
2. to stress the necessity of safe, clean, accessible drinking water globally.

If you want to help us, big or small, just send me an e-mail @ maiaa.holmes@gmail.com

Please help us reach our goal!