Last summer, while reading my new issue of National Geographic: Water, I came to the inspiring conclusion that I had to do something about our global water crisis.

Flipping through those glossy pages filled with horror stories of extreme water shortages, political warfare over water rights, children dying from drinking dirty water, and their poor mothers walking for hours, carrying up to 50 lbs. of water on their backs brought tears to my eyes. I realized the only way I would ever feel better about this horrifying, depressing issue was to stand up and fight to fix it. WaterAid, the international NGO that has been fighting this fight for the past two decades gave me hope. I felt comforted in the fact that international groups with international support were already making a difference in people’s lives. But this wasn’t enough. I had to do something.

So I got to work starting my own student organization. I decided to open a WaterAid Chapter at my school, Texas State University in San Marcos. I started filling out paperwork, recruiting officers and a faculty advisor and brain storming ideas of how I wanted to use the WaterAid Chapter as a vehicle of positive change. I decided our goal was to educate students and citizens of San Marcos about local water conservation and the global water issue caused by climate change, privatization, and politics. We would have monthly meetings, hold semester events where funds raised would be used as donations to WaterAid America, we would partake in community service, and speak to different organizations or groups on campus about the importance of clean water.

Before I knew it, school rolled around the corner and I was speaking at our first meeting. It’s amazing that in the three months the new WaterAid Chapter has been around, we already have over 20 paid members and a strong solid group of supporters. Our first semester event, an all day “River Clean Up and Camp Out” is only two weekends away! This kind of support is a true testament to mankind’s willingness to help and do what’s right. Most “San Martians” realize how blessed they are to have the beautiful, spring-fed San Marcos River right down the road! And that understanding, I believe, is going to be the success of the WaterAid Chapter.

Click HERE for a video produced by WaterAid America that describes in more detail what they are doing to help those without access to clean, safe drinking water.

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If you want to get in touch with the WaterAid Chapter you can:

  • e-mail us at: WaterAidTxState@gmail.com
  • visit our Facebook page at: WaterAid @ Texas State University
  • visit our currently under construction website at: studentorgs.txstate.edu/wateraid

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