Homemade Dish Soap & Detergent

I found a really great recipe for homemade dish soap and homemade laundry detergent here. It’s extremely simple!

San Martians: here is the link to the Community Garden. They have monthly gardening meetings and a monthly garden work day. They also have community plots, for a very small price. If you want to try gardening, but don’t have the space, this is definitely a great option.

There is also Edible San Marcos. They are “a non-profit organization that was founded in June of 2008 as a branch of Sustainable San Marcos

Edible San Marcos is fostering a relationship between gardening, education, food and the community. We encourage growth, awareness and educate the public about gardening and local eating in the community. We interact with other non-profit organizations, meeting needs to help design and install gardens toward a more sustainable future.

Our mission is to teach and encourage interested persons about vegetable and herb gardening as well as learning how to eat locally. We have developed a wonderful group where you can learn and network no matter whether you are a beginner or an expert. We have meetings, workshops, newsletters and just plain fun! We support local Farmer’s Markets and CSA’s. You can support your community by eating at local restaurants. You can keep San Marcos growing by creating a food network.

We have non-profit projects going on that are a great way to volunteer and give back to your community.

Meetings are held the second Monday of every month unless otherwise noted. Location of the meeting is at the San Marcos Public Library in the large meeting room. Meetings start at 7:00 p.m.”
You can e-mail them at ediblesanmarcos@gmail.com. Definitely another great resource here in San Marcos.

Garden Update:
My dogs recently tore into my fence (Maggie was able to pull a bag of fertilizer from inside the fence out, just enough to lift the bottom of the fence so Crosby could sneak in and dig up my transplants). Instead of hoping they would some how make it, I decided to start over. Yesterday, I re-tilled my soil, bought 2 more bags of soil and 1 more bag of compost and added additional height to my garden bed frame. I then planted my seeds (carrots, peas, collards, spinach, radishes, and parsley…winter squash to come later) again. I wanted to make little “name tags” for my plants, so I decided to saw some pieces of bamboo I have into the appropriate sizes…not a great idea. I sawed straight into my thumb. Needless to say, I dropped that idea and just used sticks I had around the backyard. Also, I reinforced my fence by pulling the wire tighter and lining the bottom of the fence with logs. This should keep the puppies out. On a good note, I’m really excited to have started over and look forward to the growth of my veggies!