Truck Farm

Today I came across “Truck Farm” videos on the Prana blog. This has to be ONE OF THE COOLEST THINGS I’ve seen in a long time!

Truck Farm is a mobile community farm, a documentary about agriculture in urban areas, a public art piece, AND a public education piece. Their non-profit art and advocacy project is in conjunction with Practical Farmers of Iowa. Ian Cheney, the guy who brought us King Corn and founded Wicked Delicate Films, LLC, converted his old beat-up Dodge pick up truck into a mobile garden. Cheney and his team are using the truck as a statement for the lack of land us urban dwellers have thanks to the growth of cities and how that lack of land is dragging us farther and farther away from our earth, our soil, and our food. Cheney and Curt Ellis’ film has won multiple independent film awards and have taken the truck on tour around the Eastern Seaboard to raise awareness for their message. They are currently calling Brooklyn, NY home before they plan to set out again on the open road. For a $20 subscription, Cheney will deliver small amounts of fresh produce in the truck. To view different excerpts of their film, watch here. In order to help, click here.