Every time I drive to and from Dallas, I always see the sign for “Carl’s Corner” and “Willie’s Place.” I came to find out the other day, while watching the documentary called “Fuel,” that it’s actually bio-diesel that Willie Nelson (the famous Texas country singer) created himself. So, on the way back from Dallas the other weekend, I decided to stop, snap some photos, and look around. **Pictures below**

“Fuel” traces the history of the competition between the diesel engine and the common gasoline engine. Turns out, the diesel engine originally made by Mr. Diesel himself, a famous engineer from Germany, created the engine to be more effective than those that ran off gasoline. Even Mr. Ford produced diesel engines that ran off CORN. However, on the side-lines was the good for nothing, profit driven Standard Oil Company. They pushed prohibition legislature through, making ethanol or corn based diesel illegal because it was technically alcohol due to the fermentation process it had to undergo. Shortly after this, the diesel engine was pushed aside and Ford made only gasoline compatible engines. Only a year later was prohibition thrown out. Eventually, President Roosevelt had to break apart Standard Oil Company because they monopolized the oil industry. Turns out, they eventually turned into Exxon-Mobil.

Even today, the diesel engine is everywhere and STILL more efficient than the gasoline engine. All of our ships and 18-wheelers, the forms of transportation that make the world move, have diesel engines. This is where bio-diesel comes in. We can switch all the large shipping vessels and 18-wheelers over to bio-diesel WITHOUT any modification to their technology. And that’s what a lot of people here in Texas did when Willie Nelson introduced his bio-diesel. Unfortunately, once consumers started to catch on so did the oil companies. Around the same time, large publishing companies like Times and Newsweek came out with front-page publications declaring bio-diesel as a killer, taking food away from the mouths of millions! Of course, people responded in an uproar and Carl’s Corner and other stations that provided bio-diesel immediately went out of business. On a scale of good – better – and best, corn and soy based diesel was definitely just a good. Now, with the production of algae based bio-diesel we may have a winner!

There are definitely better options out there like the bio-diesel engine or electric cars. But it’s up to you and I, the American consumer, to demand these better options! And if car companies don’t listen to us then we fight back by riding our bikes more, using public transportation, carpooling, and walking. “We are the sons and daughters of American revolutionaries…” we can make this change…in OUR lifetime!

Keep thinking green thoughts.