Green Golf

Most golf courses are criticized for their environmentally unfriendly practices, however there is a glimmer of green light, even in this industry. The Vineyard Golf Club has become “a petri dish for alternative maintenance techniques.” Jeff Carlson, the superintendent responsible for maintenance has learned alternatives to synthetic weed killer. He now kills weeds by boiling water and a natural foam cocktail and removes moss with kitchen dish detergent. Carlson has even requested microscopic worms from Iowa to kill grubs that destroy the turf. What’s really neat is that he’s decided to use grass he believes, “is more resistant to disease because it developed without chemicals.”

Located on Martha’s Vineyard with pretty liberal towns-folk, there was a lot of opposition at first to the golf course before it was built. However, the island and the club came together in agreement that the golf course would not use any synthetic chemicals. Although the club is rather expensive, Martha’s Vineyard residents are waived the $350,000 initiation fee and only have to pay $725 in annual dues, according to the New York Times.

This new organic model could become the catalyst that pushes courses all over the world to use less pesticides and water along with using more natural procedures for grass growing. It doesn’t hurt that President Obama is backing their green ways; he played at the Vineyard twice last year and is expected to play sometime soon.