My Edible Garden

This past weekend the pieces finally came together. I saved $100, had free time, and the right transportation to start building my garden frame!

Because I live in the hill country (and our backyard is sloped), I decided to build a raised frame for my garden. The hill slops towards the house and with Texas rainstorms I decided to build the side closest to the house higher.

Not wanting to spend too much, I decided to give myself a budget of $100 for garden supplies (frame materials, soil, seeds, tools, etc.).

I bought all of my materials from Lowes in order to stay within my budget. I know the local nursery Gardenville had a great selection of soils, plants, and more (plus their local).

I purchased:

  • 1 saw
  • 4 untreated cedar planks (2x4x8)
  • long nails
  • 3 bags of organic soil (1.5 cubic feet each)
  • 1 bag of regular vegetable soil (2 cubic feet) – using this soil mostly for filler
  • 2 bags of organic hummus ( 40 lbs ) – hummus is recommended for soils with a lot of clay
  • 2 bags of cow manure ( 50 lbs )

For the frame, I stacked two of the planks on top of each other. To keep them together, I sawed old scrap wood my boyfriend had into smaller pieces, then nailed it vertically on to each horizontal plank. I did this in three different spots on the plank for reinforcement.

Then, for the sides, I sawed one piece of cedar in half leaving each half four feet long. I nailed those onto the two longer sides.

After that, I removed some of the hard, dried-out topsoil on the inside of the bed. I used it around the border of the frame to help keep the frame in place.

This weekend, I will use old planter trays I found in the trash at Lowes to grow my seeds in. That way, my seeds for the fall have a chance to grow roots before I expose them directly to this hot-as-hell Texas summer. To decide which vegetables to grow for the fall, I use Edible San Marcos. They publish a monthly newsletter online or through mail with organic recipes, gardening tips, and growing recommendations.

Updates to come soon!