It’s amazing how time flies, especially when you’re busy. With two internships and three jobs, it’s been hard to keep my blog updated.

Reduce, reuse, recycle, the three R’s we’ve all heard. Of all three, I think reusing might be the easiest!

I have a couple of my own examples of reusing:

1. I took old climbing rope from the rock-wall I work at and turned it into a new leash for my dog Maggie Mae
2. I use old HEB plastic bags (the ones they give you with your deli meat/cheese) for my sandwiches, grapes, etc. when I have to eat lunch on campus
3. Last Christmas I got into using old paper grocery bags or newspaper for gift wrapping. This year, I used an old cardboard tube to stick my boyfriend, Stephen’s birthday presents in! This is also a great way to reduce because you’re not having to purchase new paper.