1% for the Planet

With climbing comes Cliff Bars. And with Cliff Bars comes 1% for the Planet.

When I first noticed the label on the bar wrappers I scoffed at them for only giving a measly 1%. But after looking into the group more I realized just how great the idea really is.

1% is not a lot to ask! Which is why there are so many 1% members! And those range from all different companies/groups/people in the industry. Some of those members may only make smaller annual sales compared to other members, but eventually it all adds up.

1% of annual sales from members go to environmental organizations who are doing great work all over the world. 1% lets members donate directly to NGO’s in order to make the donation process more personal, something I think is really valuable.

I think the 1% label is great; it shows consumers how 1% members feel about their business and the world, allowing consumers to make smarter purchasing choices.

Check out some of the 1% members here to see why they are proud members.