Dawn Does Good

A few months before the infamous Gulf Coast oil spill (or should I say, the biggest mistake in Gulf Coast drilling?), Dawn Soap ran commercials of how their product is the best and safest to use on all sorts of coastal creatures if they were covered in crude oil. Now, some might find this perfect timing all a little too suspicious, but Dawn doesn’t think it’s a funny coincidence.

Procter and Gamble, the company that produces Dawn, has sent over 7,000 bottles (for free) to oil clean up crews like International Bird Rescue Research Center in the gulf, who have helped save numerous birds. They plan on sending another 5,000 this coming week. Although the spill is a great example of how Dawn can help in situations like these, they have not come out with any public statement about the incident or tailored their commercials to the spill. According to Susan O. Baba, a spokeswoman for Dawn, they are even considering pulling the commercials off the air.

Although the vote on whether or not cleaning them really helps in the long run is still out, we can rest assured that people on the ground on working hard to make a difference.