I saw EPP yesterday on the new bookcase my roommate bought from Target. The EPP seal had half a recycle sign on it which is what sparked my interest. So what is EPP?

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) is the act of purchasing products/services whose environmental impacts have been considered and found to be less damaging to the environment and human health when compared to competing products/services (consorta.com).

It also, “helps the federal government “buy green,” and in doing so, uses the federal government’s enormous buying power to stimulate market demand for green products and services (EPA).” The EPA offers a great resource on their web page where you can search and compare products and more, like green publications, policy and regulations, and information for vendors.

You can find an EPP guide here as well.

What’s great to know is that Environmentally Preferable Purchasing is becoming LAW in some states, like California according to Green California. It’s also good to know this sort of purchasing is not being left only to state or government officials…every day consumers are given the option as well, like furniture at Target marked EPP! Just look for the seal below to help you make the right purchase…