Bio Logical

Bio-Logical Capital

I came across these guys the other day at work. I believe what they’re doing is great.

“Bio-Logical Capital is a real estate company. We plan, develop and manage land in a way that is economically profitable and ecologically restorative. Bio-Logical Capital enhances landscapes using the right things, in the right places, in the right amounts. We build long-term profitability into our projects by optimizing the natural systems upon which our projects rely.”

One of their projects consisted of them purchasing 30,000 hectares of rain forest next to a nature preserve and using it in multiple ways. The land “generates timber and non-timber products such as herbs, honey, nuts and medicines. In addition, Bio-Logical Capital monetizes carbon credits, and sells hiking permits and other ecotourism passes. On the agricultural land, sustainable practices such as diversification of crops and elimination of harmful chemicals improves productivity and allows for higher value products, while also improving biological health and connectivity.”

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