The Big GREEN Apple

On my recent visit to Brooklyn, New York I was really impressed with how the city is trying to “green-up” it’s act. GreeNYC is working to reduce emissions by 30% by the year 2030. The campaign is visible all over New York from billboards offering residents green tips for the home to stickers on taxi’s promoting the campaign.

My brother took my father and I on a walk on “The Greenest Block in Brooklyn!”

On our walks in other parts of the city, we came across NYS Environmental Protection Fund parks. “Since 1993, the NYS Environmental Protection Fund has provided dedicated funding to communities throughout New York to protect open space, clean drinking water, zoos, botanical gardens and aquaria, working farms, recycling programs and more.”

It was great to see open, green space in New York! When viewed from the plane ride in, I thought there wouldn’t be a green space anywhere in the city except Central Park. It was really reassuring to know: even New York hasn’t lost their connection or understanding of how important our environment is.

While there, we ate at some really amazing restaurants that used local, organic food! According to my brother, consumer consciousness about the origins of food is on the rise. iCi was a great example; all their food was local, organic, and in season making the menu simpler but also dynamic because it changes with the seasons.

We were able to walk through a small farmer’s market that offered a little bit of everything. Fresh apples, strawberries, herbs, bread, and more! It was great to see such fresh food in the middle of Brooklyn.

Biking is big in San Marcos but biking is HUGE in New York.

There were bikes everywhere and even lights for bike traffic!

Overall, it was a great trip and I hope New York keeps up the good, green work.