So if your like me, you want to try to be green in almost everything that you do…which includes being a pet owner.

I’ve had Maggie Mae since she was 8-weeks old, she’s now a little over a year. She’s a wonderful, sweet, and loyal mix of Lab, Blue Heeler, and Alaskan Malamute. But like all animals, she has to use the restroom and as her owner I have to pick it up…

Given the fact that I live close to the San Marcos River, which is fed by 200 natural springs, picking up her dog-doo is very important for the health of our river and our groundwater. That means I have to use more bags. So I looked into some different doggy-doo bags to find out which ones are best for our environment.

Here are bags for the eco-conscience pet owner:

Olive Super Poop Bags made from GMO-free corn starch and vegetable oil

Bio Bags

PetSmart carries a variety: Bags on Board and Biodegradable Pickup Bags made from cornstarch.

For more eco-friendly doggy products you can visit Olive, West Paw Design (which has cat products as well), and Muttropolis.

So remember to pick up that dog-doo, no matter where you are!