Rain Forest Protection

I’m lucky enough this summer to be interning with a local non-profit called Rainforest Partnership. They work on creating sustainability projects with South American communities in order to keep the Amazonian rain forest alive! By keeping the trees and creating an alternative economic source, the communities are able to provide for themselves while protecting the forest which in return protects our world. Deforestation is one of the largest CO2 producing activities and has run rampant in the last decade. Good news is, deforestation appears to be slowing! And despite efforts from logging companies and mono-cropping, pristine rain forest still thrives…

My boyfriend, Stephen introduced me to the BBC Series: Lost Land of the Jaguar (2008). It explores the wonders of the last pristine rain forest in ALL of the world located in Guyana, South America. They catalog all that they can find in order to prove that the forest, still standing, is worth more for the country (and the world) than it is being torn down and turned into lumber for much needed cash, that the country of Guyana needs. Thousands of beautiful creatures, geologic features, and gorgeous plants that almost no one has ever seen! The president of Conservation International calls it, “the hope of rain forest wilderness for this planet.”

5 times the size of Niagara Falls.

Help keep our rain forests alive!
Visit Rainforest Partnership to donate, Protect an Acre, or just get vocal to make a difference!