True Life: I’m A Plastic Bag

The real story of plastic. (Thanks Brother!)

A small continent located in the Pacific Ocean…made entirely of plastic trash: Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Just another reason to quit using petroleum-based plastic bags or create something that breaks down the plastic, like Daniel Burd’s did, an 11th grade student at Waterloo Collegiate Institute.

We’ve got to quit making/using this stuff! So I’ve found some links to alternatives:
Baby care products at Organic Grace

Corn-based / Sugarcane / Recycled Paper plastics at Biodegradable Store

Eco dog products at FetchDog

Eco-friendly clothes and more at White Apricot

Earth friendly, vegan, hemp, natural, vegetarian, & sustainable shoes at Simple (I own a pair and I love them!)

Apparently, WalMart will be making the change too, under their own conditions.

At Texas State University our food service is chartered by Chartwell’s whose “sustainability” mission can be found here. They have recently switched some of their products, like to-go cups, over to biodegradable products. However, not ALL the cups are eco-friendly. A majority of the to-go cups are plastic covered Coca-Cola cups and they still serve styrofoam to-go boxes which do not biodegrade. This is a big issue for Bobcat Blend who is working on composting cafeteria food scraps along with other compostable items to prevent them from ending up in landfills. Chartwell’s has agreed to work with Bobcat Blend, who does all the collecting, sorting, and composting, but Chartwell’s is still holding out on some major product changes that would significantly help the Bobcat Blend program. If this is something you want to help with, you can contact Jason Sanders or Tommy (better to contact him by number, which I can give you personally), both are Texas State students.

So just remember: find alternatives! and lets think green thoughts!