Smart Choices

Ten classic green tips from Everyday (plus some):

1. Replace light bulbs with compact fluorescent ones

2. Maximize Heating and Cooling Efficiency…my roommate will tell you, I’m a bit of an AC Nazi. Unless it gets into the high 80’s, we keep the AC off and the ceiling fans on. And unless it’s in the 30’s, the heater runs only on low. It may seem strict, but there are better alternatives then cranking up the AC. Open your windows, turn on ceiling or floor fans, or if it’s chilly put on some socks and a sweater. You’ll end up saving money and using less resources. Some tips for apartment dwellers on how to improve energy efficiency.

3. Eat Local and Organic
Edible San Marcos is a great resource for growing your own edible garden. They put out a monthly publication with great garden and green tips! You’ll find what you should plant and when. Also what’s in season to eat.

4. Unplug Energy Vampires…even when you turn “off” your TV it’s still sapping energy, so UNPLUG it. And with your computer, even if you close it or turn it off, maybe you forgot to unplug the charger that’s still sucking energy…so go ahead and UNPLUG it too!

5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Here in San Marcos there are two great recycle centers: Texas State Recycle & Waste Management and Green Guy. And for those of you who live outside of San Marvelous, here’s an easy way to find a recycle center near you!

6. Choose Nontoxic Products
Personally, I use Green Works from Clorox. However, after our last bottle runs out I am definitely switching over to a water and vinegar solution. It’s cheaper and easier on the environment. I’d like to take a moment and congratulate my boyfriend, Stephen into the “environmentally friendly products” club. He has recently made the switch to Seventh Generation liquid laundry detergent! Something I am very happy about.

7. Purchase Energy Star Products

8. Drink Filtered Tap Water…and buy a reusable water bottle, that way you eliminate your need to buy plastic bottles.

9. Shorten Your Shower…or take one shower a day, not two. GIRLS: you can also shave first, WITHOUT  leaving the water running. So if I need to shave, I like to fill a cup with warm water so I can rinse off my razor, sit on the side of my tub, and shave (without the water running). And I’ve heard through the grapevine, that if you have a garden, you can place something to collect water in your tub while you shower and use that to water your plants! Something I’ll definitely be looking into and blogging about this summer when I move into a house (fingers crossed)!!

10.  Eat sustainable seafood.