Starting Fresh

Hello cyberworld! I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since last summer. Now is a great time for me to start again, to start fresh. I will walk the stage this Saturday to become… Continue reading

4 Times Square

The Condé Nast Building or the 4 Times Square in New York City is an environmentally responsible building. “All building systems and construction technology have been evaluated for their impact on occupant health,… Continue reading

Green MicroBites

I love to camp and it’s important to me to remember that you can respect the environment and be green while camping, whether it’s car camping or backcountry camping. One of the ways… Continue reading


“Approximately 43% of the global population, especially the lower-income populace in the remote and rural parts of the developing world, is deprived of household safe piped water.” This means around 900 million people… Continue reading

The High Line

Imagine walking the streets of New York and you find yourself walking up a flight of stairs to a train track…but once you get to the platform, instead of seeing trains, metal, and… Continue reading

“Our Common Waters”

After attending Texas River Protection Association’s annual board meeting this morning, I realized just how important it is to take action NOW with regards to local water issues. The state of Texas has… Continue reading

Clean Veggies

The other day it came to me: “I don’t put my veggies in plastic bags when I go to the grocery store and usually only run water over them before I eat them… Continue reading

“A Natural Place for Kids”

I am so lucky to be working at El Ranchito, a “nature-immersion summer camp for young people entering 4th through 12th grades… created specifically to serve children and youth from low-income families.” Not… Continue reading

A Traditional Approach

You may have seen them while browsing your local health food store or you may have passed them by while on your way to the bulk food dispensers in HEB. But next time,… Continue reading

HEMP Part III: Clothing

Hemp fiber has been “found in tombs dating up to 8,000 years old,” making hemp one of the oldest fibers around. More recently, Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag from hemp fiber… Continue reading